From all of us here at CarpooltoSchool, we hope you and your families are safe, staying at home and finding ways to stay connected to your students, your families and other loved ones.

Our team at CarpooltoSchool immediately thought of the students you serve and how this is affecting them. As a nation, we’ve faced and survived tragedies like 911 however this pandemic is like nothing we’ve faced in our lifetime. We know you are doing everything to create a new normal that helps them feel safe and parents are giving many hugs.

Creativity will explode. We already see creative solutions to solve problems that emerged with the pandemic such as getting the food students depend on every day to them by using buses and bus drivers. We’ll be surprised at the ideas and solutions that emerge.

During these uncertain times, the only thing that is certain is we are all in this together. We believe the human spirit comes alive during times like this.

We are resilient. We are creative. We are love.

We will get through this…together.

Author: CarpooltoSchool

CarpooltoSchool unlocks new transportation options when school administrators are looking for more safe and cost efficient alternatives to bus service for their school communities. We leverage technology to deliver parents web and mobile apps to meet to organize carpools, walkpools and bikepools. The future of student transportation is now powered by Go Together, Inc.

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