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You have become an effective chauffeur, but carpooling may be the option you need to juggle your schedule and your children’s.

You want your child to have the best possible childhood. The best education. The most exciting and social opportunities. So, you’re all-in and ready to run from place to place.

The bell rings at 3:00, soccer practice at 4:00, pick up at 5:00, with grocery shopping, birthday party gift runs, and dinner in between. Each time you have to leave where you are to pick up, and drop back off. Pick up, drop off. Pick up, drop off.

Think about it. Imagine a world where you don’t always have to play chauffeur for your kids. Where your routine doesn’t revolve around picking up and dropping off at various locations, and sitting in traffic in between. Where a couple days a week, you team up with a parent and carpool.

That’s Where CarpooltoSchool Comes In.

CarpooltoSchool provides parents who want to help one another get their kids to all the places they need to go. Available through their trusted school networks, the web and mobile apps enable you to meet parents nearby and coordinate schedules, so your kids get to live fulfilled lives and you know they safely got to their destination.

By subscribing to CarpooltoSchool, schools provide exclusive access to the apps where they verify and approve all parents. You add your children, afterschool destinations, then you can create as many pools as you’d like—to/from school, from school to afterschool activities—customizing by day, activity, and child. Whether you’re driving, or your child is riding, location sharing during the carpool is just a tap on the mobile app.

Baseball for Anna and Speech Pathology for Sammi – The Struggle is Real.

Managing two campuses, activities scheduled for the same time, and a work event? No problem. Simply mark what assistance you’re looking for, and can provide, for each child and day of the week and search for matches. CarpooltoSchool’s intelligent matching software allows you to find compatible carpooling partners based on the distance you are willing to travel, the age of your child, and your schedule so that the trips are easy and meaningful for you and your children.

CarpooltoSchool creates a world where juggling your family’s dynamic schedules is a little easier and the possibilities for flexibility are worth pursuing.

Because your children can do anything, and transportation shouldn’t be reason why they can’t.


See how CarpooltoSchool can work for you and your community.

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See how CarpooltoSchool can work for your school.


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Author: Marika Radlauer

CarpooltoSchool unlocks new transportation options when school administrators are looking for more safe and cost efficient alternatives to bus service for their school communities. We leverage technology to deliver parents web and mobile apps to meet to organize carpools, walkpools and bikepools. The future of student transportation is now powered by Go Together, Inc.

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