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It’s 5:30 AM, and your alarm is buzzing. You want to hit snooze, but know that you can’t. You didn’t make lunches for the kids last night, the dog needs to be walked, you think someone might need money for the bookfair, the kids need to be dropped at their respective schools and you can’t be late for your 8:30 meeting with your new client. Does this sound familiar?  Families’ morning routines, with a laundry list of things to do in a short amount of time, can be stress-inducing for even the most organized of us. 

A recent survey conducted by asked parents about their top school-season stressors Not surprisingly, school traffic was of concern for many with around 60% of moms and dads reporting it as a source of stress. For parents with multiple kids, this stress can increase. In fact, the percentage of parents reporting feeling stressed jumps from 55% for those with one child, to 69% for those with three! The additional time spent getting kids to different schools and their respective after-school activities can be a huge burden for working families. survey of back to school stressors

Enter CarpooltoSchool. Leveraging the power of technology, our platform provides an innovative and safe solution for getting kids to school. CarpooltoSchool has easy-to-use, school-branded mobile and web apps that enable school administrators to streamline carpooling for students and families.  More carpooling means less road congestion, and ultimately, less stress for families. Your school can explore this option by scheduling a demo today. Here’s the link to get started.  Ahhhh…relief is in sight.

CarpooltoSchool Mobile App

Author: Kimberly Moore

CEO and Co-Founder. Go Together, Inc. Getting to and from school is more than just a ride. It’s about access to an education that can change a child’s future. CarpooltoSchool is powered by Go Together and removes a transportation barrier to help schools and districts lean into more capital-efficient options that match trends they see – national school bus driver shortage, canceled bus routes, and more parents driving their children to school.

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