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How the Day Starts Makes a Difference:

Every parent knows mornings can be rough. No matter how much you do the night before, it’s still a time crunch to get the kids ready for school or day care and out of the house for the morning commute. A stained shirt, a lost notebook, or a stubbed toe can cause a chain reaction of events that make the morning go awry.

You look up and there are turkey sandwiches falling off the counter, tangled up with a dog leash, and an unpacked backpack. All the while you’re strategizing about how to make it on time to the 8:30 meeting.

You feel it building inside of you. Your child is still half dressed, and not moving.

You’re thinking, “Wonder how the traffic is?  How long will the drop off line be?”  Looking at your watch, you know you need to be on time to work.

And the moment hits when the only tactic that will get your six-year-old to tie the last lace of his shoe and get out the front door is yelling. You hear it coming out of you, your voice raising- “Michael, get your shoe on and get in the car right this second! So we can leave the house, and I can drive you to school and get to work.”

Then come the water works. The car ride silence is interspersed with sniffles.

Every parent also knows there is nothing worse than a crying child. Scratch that, there is nothing worse than making your own child cry.

You drop him at the school curb, and he heads to the classroom with the stress of the morning still showing on his face. You call out with your sweetest, “have a great day bud!” in a last-ditch effort to uplift his spirits.

Walking into an elevator a few minutes late, the image comes to mind of his scrunched button nose, snot dripping out, and how you made him cry.

You used the power play on your kid, and now you can’t wait to get back home in the evening to squeeze him and show him he is loved.

You say to yourself, “There’s got to be another way.”

The Better Way

Imagine your child arriving in good spirits instead, perhaps with a friend. Imagine a world where safely transporting your child to school and activities is not stressful. Where your child can get to soccer practice with a teammate or someone else going to the fields. Think about getting those few extra precious minutes in the morning as your child rides to school with a school friend. And you knowing that even on a morning with a little bit of madness, riding with a school friend means there is a good chance of him leaving the car smiling.

The drop off line is moving smoothly. Teachers are glad to see children smiling, knowing that it’s one less conversation they need to have. The school day is off to a great start.

And to you, dedicated parent, struggling superman or superwoman, imagine a day not driving everywhere and playing chauffeur. A day where you know that your child is getting to school safely and maybe making a new friend.

Creating Happier Commutes

CarpooltoSchool can help make the start of the school day great for parents, students and schools. The easy-to-use mobile and web apps are available to schools and  provide parents access to other parents approved by the school who,  just like them,  want to make getting to and from school less stressful, and maybe get time back in their day.  CarpooltoSchool’s intelligent matching algorithm matches parents based on location, schedules and grades they want their children to ride with.

Administrators can take comfort in knowing that their parents are breathing easier, that traffic lines are a little bit shorter, and that kids are arriving to the classrooms on time and ready to learn. After all, happy kids learn better, and live better. Happy parents equal happy schools.

Your time driving, walking or biking with your child and his new friend is yours to enjoy. And your time with yourself for an extra breath, that’s yours too.

If you’re a parent share this with your schools to get the pooling started.

See how CarpooltoSchool can work for your school.


If you’re an administrator, schedule a demo today.


Author: Marika Radlauer

CarpooltoSchool unlocks new transportation options when school administrators are looking for more safe and cost efficient alternatives to bus service for their school communities. We leverage technology to deliver parents web and mobile apps to meet to organize carpools, walkpools and bikepools. The future of student transportation is now powered by Go Together, Inc.

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